Updates – Neuro Drinks
ALERT! Neuro has changed its bottle tops!

Neuro has recently eliminated the cone-shaped overcap on the top of each bottle. Each bottle will now be matched with a color closure (cap) as seen here.

neuro 2019 bottles

The large, familiar overcap has long-served an important role in the unique shape and instant recognition of Neuro Drinks. The elimination of the overcap will significantly reduce the total amount of plastic required per bottle. We recognize this is but a step towards a completely green solution for our environment. Neuro continues to focus on best-in-class, eco-friendly materials that will help us further reduce our carbon footprint.



Neuro has recently refreshed its popular Sleep, Sonic and Bliss drinks. Here is a summary of those changes:

  • Sugar was changed to organic cane sugar away from crystalline fructose
  • The preservative Sodium Benzoate has been removed from all Neuro Drinks
  • Sleep is now zero calories and zero sugar. It has been naturally sweetened with stevia and erythritol
  • Bliss is now 15 calories
  • Sonic is now 25 calories

There have been no changes to the functional ingredients provided in each drink that have been clinically validated. We hope you enjoy these refreshed, even healthier versions of the popular Neuro drinks.