Energy Refreshed


A clinical trial sponsored by Drink neuro on SONIC demonstrated positive increases in energy, attention, and mood after consumption of one bottle. Energy levels increased significantly at all time points demonstrating that SONIC is truly a high performing brain booster!

Neuro Sonic

Sweet Dreams


SLEEP helps promote sleep onset, improve sleep quality, and promotes better daytime performance. SLEEP is like a switch that turns on the body's desire to sleep. Very quickly after consumption, melatonin signals the brain to begin the sleep cycle, making a person feel drowsy. Melatonin is a key ingredient in SLEEP and has been extensively used to improve sleep in both healthy individuals and those with non-traditional sleep patterns. 

Neuro Sleep

Reduce Stress


BLISS changes the rhythm of the brain (oscillatory rhythm) to the alpha rhythm - a state where the mind is calm and intense focus is possible. This happens quickly (15-30) and can last up to three hours. BLISS also reduces cortisol, a hormone associated with chronic stress. This is the ideal drink to consume for intense focus or simply reducing feelings of acute stress. 




PROBUCHA is a lightly carbonated beverage naturally flavored with Meyer lemon and ginger. "PRO" refers to probiotics. "BUCHA" refers to kombucha. neuroPROBUCHA combines the two concepts to form a unique digestive health beverage. This isn't a traditional kombucha (a cold-chain beverage with a live "mother" scoby) in that its probiotic benefits are derived from a single, shelf-stable ingredient called DE1111. 

Neuro Probucha



TRIM provides three unique sources of fiber, each performing unique benefits in the digestive system. The end result is a highly dynamic fiber-based beverage that promotes digestive health, improves mineral absorption, controls appetite, promotes healthy blood sugar levels (already within normal limits) zero grams of sugar and only 10 calories per serving. Other ingredients such as green tea extract and green tea derived caffeine (50 mg) support the appetite and weight loss support functions of this beverage. 

Neuro Trim



Pure Adobe spring water with the earth's essential mineral: magnesium. This drink is environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable and BPA free. AQUA provides water infused with different limestone minerals such as magnesium and calcium, helping to raise the alkalinity to a pH of approximately 8.5.

Neuro Aqua

Playful Energy


GASM is an energy-based beverage providing ingredients to help promote vigor and arousal. The combination of caffeine and L-Theanine provide various energy-related benefits, while L-Citrulline helps promote healthy blood flow by contributing to the production of nitric oxide in the blood. Other ingredients help support this 35-calorie "playful" energy beverage. 

Neuro Gasm