Want to experience all the refreshing benefits of neuro drinks without the extra packaging? Check out our new neuro stick packs!
These powders carry all the same great ingredients of the original neuroSLEEP that thousands of customers love but in a convenient, lightweight pack.

neuroSLEEP Packets box of 10

Light Weight

Travel Friendly

Zero Sugar

Take neuroSLEEP anywhere!

NeuroSLEEP combines the right amount of melatonin with other sleep-promoting botanicals and nutrients such as 5-HTP and magnesium. We're proud to say neuroSLEEP is Vegan, gluten free, lactose free, OU Kosher, chlorine free, and BPA free.

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A form of bioavailable tryptophan (amino acid) that gently influences sleepiness.

These ingredients are all vegan and gluten free.

L-Theanine is a plant-based amino acid that doesn’t cause one to sleep, but can help relax the brain and body in preparation for sleep.

An important electrolyte for maintaining proper water balance during rest.

Goji, Pomegranate and Blueberry – Powerful antioxidants to help scavenge free radicals in the brain and body.


Perfect for travel or when you're on the go!

Simply rip, pour, and stir!

Add one packet to 8 ounces (1 cup) of water, stir, and begin to enjoy the benefits of better sleep.

Slim, sleek, and convenient.

You need a regular sleep schedule. We’re here to help.

No prescription drugs, no morning hangover, no bottles. ~Sweet Dreams~

How does it work?

neuro Sleep combines the scientifically proven benefits of melatonin with 5-HTP, magnesium, and the super fruit extracts pomegranate, acai, and blueberry which can aid in a better night’s sleep.

Try neuro Sleep Packets and discover the restful sleep that awaits you.

When Should You Drink?

Proper usage is approximately 30-60 minutes before intended sleep, consume 1 packet of neuroSLEEP. Some people may require less in order to instigate sleep.


neuroSLEEP WILL NOT cause you to sleep against your will; the product will promote temporary sleepiness but not induce sleep. 


I suffer from major anxiety, and I have a hard time getting to sleep sometimes. My cousin had me try this, and on mild anxiety days one half to one third of the bottle works for me. The flavor is awesome which is a bonus. I decided to subscribe to this because it's waaaaay cheaper than buying it in the store, and it's not always easy to find. It relaxes me, and press me in a great state to go to sleep.
Amazon Shopper
I have SEVERE sleep issues due to my PTSD Zane Traumatic Brain Injury and Anxiety from Iraq. I have been on more sleep medications than I can count. I have also tried the same "active" ingredient (Melatonin 3 MG) in tablet form and NOTHING works like Neuro Sleep. I can drink a bottle in 20 minutes and I am absolutely ready to go to SLEEP. This has been a life changer for me.
Matt C
Amazon Shopper
Neuro Sleep is a life changing product that I've shared with many friends, who like me, have trouble falling asleep. For me, a half bottle makes me sleepy enough to nod off for the night. In the morning I feel refreshed with no lingering grogginess or any other side effects. I always keep a supply on hand.

Karen Griffin
Amazon Shopper